Best Paper Award:

Best Paper Awards will be presented to papers of exceptional merit in each major track which will be based on the recommendations of the Review Committee. The Best Paper Awards will be announced within two months after the Conference.

Best Presenter Award (For Research Scholars Only):

Best Presenter Awards will be presented to those who make outstanding presentations in each track which will be based on the recommendations of the Chair/Observer of the respective Technical Sessions.

Criteria to select the Best Presenters:

The following aspects will be considered while selecting the 'Best Presenters' from each track.

  • Content
  • Analysis & Interpretation
  • Use of Evidence
  • Structure & Argument
  • Presentation Skills
  • Time Management

  • Fifth European Academic Research Conference on Global
    Business, Economics, Finance and Banking

    December 15-17, 2016
    Venue: Intercontinental Hotel, Istanbul, Turkey.

    Best Paper Awards!

    Dear EAR16Turkey Conference Delegates,

    We are delighted to inform that the following research papers presented at the EAR16Turkey Conference have won the ‘Best Research Paper’ awards based on the recommendations/comments of the reviewers. Congratulations to the authors/delegates on this marvellous achievement

    Track: Finance, Accounting and Banking

    Paper ID_I657: Dr. Mohammed Abusharbeh, Arab American University, Palestinian Territories.
    Title: The Impact of Macroeconomic Variables on the Returns of Listed Stocks at Palestine Exchange: Economic Sectors Model!

    Track: Management

    Paper ID_I652: Dr. M. Surya Mani, PJTS Agricultural University, India.
    Title: Impact of FFs in Increasing the Human Capital and Economic Capital of Chhattisgarh Tribal Development Farmers – India!

    Track: Marketing

    Paper ID_I640:Dr. Caner Dincer, Galatasaray University, Turkey.
    Title: Communicating CSR through Social Media; A New Lens!

    Enthusiastic Researcher Award!

    Paper ID_I616: Mr. Osman Uslu, Sakarya University, Turkey.
    Title: Organizational Trust Studies in Turkey: An Investigation through Thesis and Articles!